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Legal Aid Advocates

The Duty Advocate

If you are arrested or have been asked to voluntarily attend the police station or customs, you may consult the Duty Advocate who is on call 24 hours a day and is free of charge. You will be advised of this and their details when you visit the police station or customs.

The Duty Advocate is also available at most sittings of the Magistrates and Juvenile Courts for free consultation (excluding the Traffic Court and Petty Debts Court). If you choose your own Advocate rather than the Duty Advocate then you must pay for that consultation yourself.

Advocates who undertake Legal Aid work

Any Advocate called to the Guernsey Bar can undertake legal aid work but not all Advocates choose to.

Please see the List of Advocates who currently undertake Legal Aid work. You will need to contact one of them to arrange an appointment and discuss your eligibility for the initial Green Form advice and assistance.

Advocates who undertake Mental Health Tribunal work

Only Advocates who have been accredited by the Guernsey Legal Aid Service can undertake this area of work.

Please see the current List of MHRT Advocates.

Advocates who undertake Alderney work

We have special arrangements for Alderney Residents.

Currently three firms of Advocates provide Legal Aid services for Alderney in respect of civil and criminal proceedings that are before the Alderney Court.

Please see the current Rota of Advocates who undertake Alderney work.

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